CAMRA’s Golden Awards

On their 50th anniversary, CAMRA wants to recognise 50 people, groups of people or businesses that have made a significant contribution to CAMRA’s aims, helping us get to where we are today.

This is aimed at our campaigning heroes, the pub/club all stars, beer saviours/custodians and stalwarts both in our midst, or those who are no longer with us. We want to celebrate our successes. To help you make your decision, just think about the campaigning we have done for Pints, Pubs and People since 1971, and nominate from the following categories below.

Pubs A pub or club that has stood the test of time, convivial, characterful, community-focused and consistently pouring great pints.

Pints A brewery or cider/perry producer that has gone above and beyond in delivering excellence or innovation over the years.

People An individual or group of individuals who have made a significant contribution to the achievement of our campaigning aims.

Please complete the Nomination Form on the main CAMRA website.

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